World plumbing day March 11th 2015, Chairman's Message


Computer terminology can be used to describe the tools the plumbing fraternity utilises to promote conservation of water and to reduce pollution of our existing water sources – Hardware and Software.

Hardware deals with the use of water efficient plumbing products such as dual flush cisterns, low flow fixtures etc. Most developed and some developing nations have evolved their own programmes for designating and certifying such products.

However in my opinion, of even more importance is the use of ‘software’ in this battle for conservation of our precious resources. By software I mean creating an awareness which ultimately changes our attitudes towards usage of water effectively. A situation where it becomes second nature for us to:

  • Automatically shut off a tap when not in use.
  • Ensure leaks are attended to promptly.
  • Use minimum water for our daily needs.
  • Harvest rainwater.
  • Put in place fail - safe systems to treat waste water before they are let out into water bodies or absorbed into earth.
  • Incorporate water reuse religiously on all projects.
  • Shun to the extent possible, use of water guzzlers like rain showers, whirlpools etc.

In order to create this attitudinal change, plumbing fraternities worldwide have to educate their own members and the lay public through exhibitions, seminars, talk shows, print and television media etc. They have to engage local communities and apprise them of the impending threat of water shortage. In this, Governments should also play a huge role by mandating laws to ensure that water conservation and anti-pollution measures are strictly adopted. Adherence should be rewarded and profligacy punished suitably.

To reiterate, while technology and smart products have their role, I am convinced that only the efficient and passionate use of ‘software’ techniques as outlined above will help in creating a safe environment for our future generations.

On March 11, ‘World Plumbing Day’, I urge you to contribute your bit towards this important cause. The WPC website provides information on a number of activities which individuals and trade associations can adopt in spreading this message. Visit the website to download the Chairman’s message and also to access the special poster and sticker created for World Plumbing Day.

My fervent appeal is that our efforts should not be restricted to just one day. Symbolism is effective only when it translates into continuous, constructive progress.

With Warm Greetings,

Sudhakaran Nair,
World Plumbing Council

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